Infrared Technology
1-800-ASPHALT is one of only a few Cincinnati area contractors that offer infrared asphalt repairs.

The concept of infrared technology:
Infrared technology itself is an enormous improvement in asphalt repair.  This advanced asphalt method re-heats existing asphalt using propane powered burners.  The asphalt is heated up to a workable temperature around 300 degrees, at which point the repair can be made.  Traditional pavement maintenance leave seams that allow water to penetrate the repaired areas.  As a result, traditionally installed patches have the potential to fail within the first year after installation.  The infrared technology blends the new asphalt right in with the original by heating an area 4-6 inches beyond the perimeter of the area being patched.  The new asphalt is then compacted with the old, creating a seamless, permanent restoration.

Infrared also cuts costs for pavement maintenance repairs.  Where an average 25 square foot repair requires approximately 4 employees, that same pavement repair can be performed using 2 people in about 45 minutes.  Infrared can be used in all types of repairs in which traditional methods are used.  This includes alligator cracking, pot holes, utility cuts, settling against concrete walks and barriers, and even more...

Infrared repair can be a very useful tool in the maintenance of existing asphalt.  However it is not to be confused with new asphalt paving.  There are limitations to what infrared repair can accomplish.  There are situations where installing a new layer of asphalt is simply the more logical decision.  If you have a project that you are interested in finding out if infrared repair would work on, give our office a call at 1-800-ASPHALT.  A salesman will gladly help you decide if infrared repair is the right choice for you.
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